“The fast-paced and intelligent prose that is, at the same time, subtle and rich (replete with cultural and consumer references) makes this debut work of fiction by the young author a narrative that stands out in today’s Brazilian pop literature. Nola, the protagonist, is an architect living in modern São Paulo with Tom (her brother and professional model) and Kojak (a bulldog). Another narrative includes the young Lucia in Santos (coastal city) 20 years earlier. The novel takes flight in the latter half, with unexpected twists and revelations, when the connection between the narratives comes to light – compensation to the reader who seeks narrative conflict, plot and denouement, not just contemporary references and character sketches.” 



“‘Letters To The Dog’ is a pop novel that weaves intertexuality with classic fiction akin to James Joyce’s Ulysses… a post-modern odyssey. An eloquent book, expressive of femininity amidst the urban chaos… a complex and seductive narrative, biased by its apparent simplicity”





Cartas ao cão

(Letters to the Dog)

Sá Editora 

São Paulo


visual artist / writer