Pra quem você vendeu seu tempo?

Who have you sold your time to?




Sentences printed outdoors

Video, B/W, 3 min 25 s, stereo

Variable sizes

R itinerary. Starting point: Carrer Ramon

Berenguer el Vell, 73.

Fall. 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Before the end of the first day of walking the route, the artist stops to have a coffee at a café where you can also purchase used books. Investigating the poetry section she

finds the poem “Mals averanys” [Bad Omens]

by Jordi Pàmias: “Anem pel món com en un ball de màscares...” [We move through the world as if in a masked ball...]. Its reflection on the internal dualities of masking and fears

about going out into the world recalls a verse

by Brazilian poet Ana Cristina César read the

previous night: “Entreguei-me no mancharse

de sonhos” [I gave in to the staining of dreams]. The verses by both authors dovetailed with others to give rise to a piece of intersecting poems. The subtle links between the poetic images of both cultures weave delicate narrative threads about the  disturbing mental spaces provoked by the  buried experience of urban life.

This piece is at once a prelude and epilogue to this fictional city, an ephemeral landscape in flight, in confluence with the idea of the city as a realization of the old Borgian dream of the labyrinth.

visual artist / writer