Ayer por la noche

Last night




9 embroidered garments

1 color photograph

Sound piece, 25 s, mono

Variable sizes

O itinerary. Starting point: Carrer d’Ogassa,


Summer. 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.

On several mornings the artist leaves a poster with the following message on the streets of the O itinerary: “Last night Esperanza [Hope in Spanish] was lost here. If you have seen or rescued her, please call 693 760 827 at any time” accompanied by a photo showing the site itself, like a sort of palimpsest. Anyone calling the cell phone number hears the following message: “If you know where to find hope, please leave a  message. I last saw her last night; she was wearing black.”

Both what the artist had experienced during her night walks and the spontaneous messages left in the voice mailbox in the

following days show clear repressed feelings of loneliness, intolerance, desolation and violence.

From this intense experience the artist transfers the pain, synthesized in brief texts embroidered with golden thread on black garments. This exercise in textual and sound

distillation based on a performative act of

public incitement here seizes on collective

reactions that can be provided by nocturnality

to trace the difficult path towards the loss of hope, renaming multiple shades of disappointment and distress that make this mental state, today too well established in our

cities, possible.

visual artist / writer