A veces, siempre. A veces, nunca

Sometimes, Always. Sometimes, Never



2 books

21 x 14 cm


N itinerary. Starting point: Carrer Nou de Sant

Francesc, 73.

Spring. 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

On the first route of this itinerary the artist appropriates sentences and situations while

recording her own thoughts based on the scenes from everyday life that she encounters.

She finds a total of seventy micro-stories or situations that could belong to anyone and

subsequently decides to return them to other

passersby on the itinerary, offering them a new opportunity to control their meaning.

The artist prints the sentences obtained, leaving a blank in the middle of each one, and returning to the itinerary she asks seventy people to fill in the gaps using the expressions “never”, “sometimes” and “always” as if they were responding to a question, letting the internal rhythm of the public print an unexpected essence in the texts. Finally, she publishes these sentences with manuscripts from strangers in two books: Sometimes, Always and Sometimes, Never.

In this performative verbal exercise that entails a rewriting with strong collective participation to close the meaning of the expressions “documented” initially, it is important to emphasize the role of the expression “sometimes,” a conceptual pivot between two extremes that also influences the special presentation of the books facing one another.

visual artist / writer