Entró al laberinto, me envió una carta en blanco

They entered the labyrinth, They sent me a blank letter 




Drawings and a wooden box with texts

Variable sizes

paisaje en fuga-18

A itinerary (2). Starting point: Carrer d’Alcoi,


Winter. 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Upon returning to Brazil, the task of undertaking the listening on this itinerary was

given to an artist resident in Barcelona, Jenny

Owens. Here Tatiana Busto Garcia imposes a

physical “non-encounter” with the place to be

explored, an “encounter through the other.” On her walks, Owens produces a series of drawings which simultaneously fascinate and intrigue Garcia with their abstraction and symbolism. From the drawings, the latter finds herself tangled in the echo of earlier voices and stories that finally emerge condensed in the form of haikus like a reinterpretation of a mediation with the city officiated by another person and as an resonance of circumstances that have already been experienced.


The plot of multiple stories that both materials endlessly give rise to transports the spectator in an open invitation to freely

manage the interaction between T. B. G.’s texts and J. O.’s drawings.

This piece provides the possibility of building the city from anywhere in the world and generating, in a shared and reciprocal way, new meanings of present contributing from the distance to the inexhaustible relational “production” of the city, which is also production of space.

visual artist / writer