Cuento de Otoño

Short Story of Autumn 






L itinerary. Starting point: Carrer de la Lletra

L, 73.

Fall. 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.

The industrial landscape conceals an infinite woodland. A young couple takes a train trip, outside the train itself. Disenchantment is the only chemical substance.

From the industrial territory that dominates this itinerary unfolds a story of love, dreams and disillusionment. A strange train trip, glimpsed from outside the train itself through

fleeting images of the gloomy spaces of manufacturing facilities, resplendence that

blinds the eye, landscape chiaroscuros and melancholy lights that slowly emerge in desynchronized split screen scenes. The thoughts of the characters, often triggered by

visual impulses from the preceding images, are mixed with those of the artist and the description of the actions we do not see. With a strong desire to explore the unstable relationships between word and image, this work is crossed by a radical contradiction between visual, written and oral narrative in an enigmatic story of parallelisms and polarizations between elusive city and intimacy, crudeness and desire, aspirations and disappointments. The background tone of the story also resonates dialectically in the steel elements and dim light of the light bulb that accompany the screening.


visual artist / writer